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The analysis of the production, consumption and future development of China hydrazine hydrate

    Hydrazine hydrate is a kind of fine chemical material which has a very wide application. At present, the production capability (refer to 100% HHA) has reached more than 200,000 metric tons per year. 35% of them for Europe, 34% for Asia, 30% for The Americas, and 1% for other areas. The major manufactures are Olin Corporation (America), Bayer Corporation (Germany), Atropic Company (France) and Mitsubishi gas chemical company (Japan). At present, the annual demand of hydrazine hydrate for world market is 80,000-90,000 metric tons. The consumption structure is formed by 32% for pesticide, 33% for foaming agent, 20% for water treatment agent and 15% for others. The demand from developed countries is decreasing year by year, and the demand from the developing countries is rising year by year. And the developing countries have become one of the most important consumption markets.
    In our domestic market, the consumption structure of hydrazine hydrate is 40% for pesticide, 33% for foaming agent, 14% for water treatment agent and 13% for others. At present, our production capability is far lower than other foreign countries and can’t meet the demand of domestic market. Therefore the development of hydrazine hydrate production capability and technology has huge economical and social benefits.
    In recent years, with the increasing consumption of pesticide, Pharmaceuticals, plastics and dyes, the domestic demand of hydrazine hydrate maintain a rapid increase.
    Hydrazine hydrate is a colorless, fuming and basic solution with a peculiar bad smell, soluble in water and alcohol, insoluble in chloroform and ethyl ether, flammable and corroding glass, rubber and leather, hydrazine hydrate's severe toxicity accumulates and harms blood and nerves.
    Hydrazine hydrate monohydrate is a reductive agent used as materials of medicine, pesticides, dyestuff, blowing agent, and photographic developer.
    As an important raw material of Fine chemicals, hydrazine hydrate is mainly used as to synthesize the foaming agents AC, D1PA and TSH.
    It also can be used as cleaning agents of deoxidize and decarbonation in boiler and agitated reactor. Hydrazine hydrate can be used to produce Antituberculotic and antidiabetic drugs.
    In farm chemical industry, hydrazine hydrate can be used to produce herbicide, Plant growth regulator, Insecticide agent, Sterilant, etc.
    In addition, hydrazine hydrate also can be used as rocket fuel, nitrogen fuel, and rubber auxiliary.